Monocle Scented Candle One: Hinoki

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Monocle Scented Candle One: Hinoki by Comme des Garçons Parfum: Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance of a perfectly still, slightly chilly spring morning, reminiscent of soaking in a tub at the Tawaraya in Kyoto. This fragrance elegantly combines the memories of outdoor mosses and trees with the sharp, invigorating notes of the hinoki wood bathtub.


  • Cypress
  • Terebenthine
  • Camphor
  • Cedar
  • Thyme
  • Pine
  • Georgywood
  • Incense
  • Treemoss
  • Vetiver

Monocle Scented Candle One: Hinoki captures the essence of nature with its harmonious blend of notes. From the fresh, woody scent of hinoki to the herbal allure of thyme and the depth of incense and vetiver, it's a fragrance that transports you to a peaceful moment of serenity. Experience the timeless tranquility crafted by Comme des Garçons Parfum.

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