Cologne Series 4: Anbar - Cologne

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Cologne Series 4: Anbar - Cologne by Comme des Garçons Parfum: A revival of 18th-century alchemy, brought back by popular demand. A refreshing splash available in three captivating fragrances.


  • Bergamot
  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Clove
  • Sensual Musks

Cologne Series 4: Anbar - Cologne transports you to an era of timeless elegance. With its bright and invigorating blend of citrus notes like bergamot, orange, and lemon, complemented by the subtle warmth of clove and the sensuality of musks, it's a fragrant journey that harks back to the past while remaining distinctly modern. Experience the alchemical magic of Comme des Garçons Parfum.

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