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Comme des Garçon White Oxford Shirt

Comme des Garçon SHIRT Forever

Created as a sub-brand of Comme des Garcons SHIRT (which is in itself a sub-brand), Comme des Garcons SHIRT FOREVER was launched in 2010 to create, well, shirts.  Comme des Garcons SHIRT FOREVER works from the basis on standardised shapes, allowing you to find the shirt shape which is truly right for you, be it a casual affair or a more formal event.  Fabrics reach luxury status within Comme des Garcons SHIRT FOREVER, with often custom colourways creating some of the most eye-catching yet comfortable shirting available...we really did say the word shirt a lot there but....shirt happens!

Comme des Garçon White Oxford Shirt

Comme des Garçon White Oxford Shirt


Comme des Garcon Shirt Forever, Small Button Down, in super-fine oxford weave. With twin-needle stitched sleeve inserts and a centre back pleat, this is a slimmer shirt than the Narrow Classic and suits lean guys. Made in France from 100% cotton. Hand wash 30c.

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